A playground for coming up with ideas and transforming them into art.

Fermat helps people who do concept art sessions.

Run concept art sessions with your team in a fraction of the time.

Image studio

Search, generate and transform images with generative AI. A playground for coming up with ideas and transforming them into art.
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Hyperrealistic avatar

Make your own avatars in different styles using AI
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Search Image

Search Lexica.art with either an image or text selected. Lexica uses CLIP behind the scenes. See an array of generations related to a prompt or image, and then see the prompts that they used.
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Image generation

Explore your ideas visually and find inspiration using AI-powered tools.
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Product image generator

Generate images of your products. Give more detailed briefing with visual supports.
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Describe an image

Get an accurate prompt from any image!
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Save time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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100+ tools and templates

Find the right solution for your specific needs and requirements from our growing set of tools.

How can I start ?

1. Create a new session

Press the new space button to start a new session with your team.

2. Pick a template

Select a template from the ones we offer or create your own in a blank session.

3. Start thinking

Select a block and click the button to generate content.

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